Education and Capacity Building

Scientific Subjects, English Language and Computer Skills Projects (AKF, 2012 – 2015)

This project was implemented in Daikundi, Urazgan and Bamyan provinces with total fund of 10,000 USD from AKF and 12,753 USD between 2012 to 2014. The purpose of projects was to enhance ability of rural youth to get required competences for their active participation and success in job market and universities studies at capital cities of Afghanistan and abroad. The project results are:

– 2,435 individuals (80 % girls) graduated from math and science course in Daikundi and Urazgan provinces, out of which 70 percent admitted by public universities inside and outside Afghanistan and 5 percent of them was successfully placed on job,

– 1,000 youth (540 girls and 460 boys) have successfully completed a two-year Advanced English and Computer program, out of which 700 individuals won scholarship in major universities of Afghanista

English Course for Gandanaik’s High School

LSO has established an English course for Gandanaik ’s High School in Gandanaik village, Nili city of Daikundi province for 6 months. Participants are from 10th to 11th grades. Aim of the project is to build the capacity of at least 10 students (7 girls and 3 boys) on English language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in order to increase their employment opportunities in the job market in the future. Today in Afghanistan’s employment market, there’s higher demand for the employees who has better English language skills. Thus, LSO with financial support of PBGF established this English course for 10 students in Gandanaik High School.                         

Empowering Communities for Peace and Social Cohesion (UNDP, 2022)

The project was implemented in Jawzjan province with a total fund of $ 50,000 from UNDP between May to Jun 2022.  The aim of project was to empower communities for Peace and Social Cohesion. To this end, the project efforts have improved awareness and capacity of 100 community leaders on social cohesion and development planning. With support of these leaders, the project also raised awareness and capacity of a total of 670 community members to participate actively in peace-building, social cohesion, and community led recovery plan.  In short, the project deliverables are outlined below:

– Because of quick impact projects (i.e. Solar pipe scheme & canal cleaning) having addressed water shortage in Sheburghan and Khawaja Da Ko distrcits, has been a good practice of peace-building and social cohesion contributing to project overall goal. Totally 1500 families have recovered from conflict and social dispute hereby having built peace and co-existence, as adequate water supply system was built within four communities to irrigate 100 acres of farmland and provide drinking water to 300 families in densely populated areas in Jawzjan province.   

– Totally 100 people have been trained in social cohesion skills, peace building, and conflict resolution out of which 60 were male and 40 females.

– 670 (461 male + 209 female) PP reached and raised awareness on peace, social cohesion, as result, the participants supported LSO in dissemination of 2000 brochures and leaflets on peace and social cohesion across the 36 communities.

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